Professional Consulting & Coaching Services

Thank you for choosing me to help you.  Whether you are an individual, a business, an organization, every problem has a solution.  I have over many years of integrated professional experience helping people, businesses, organizations and communities problem-solve, overcome challenges, improve quality of life and thrive.  My mission and chosen career has always been a commitment to service and helping people. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Post-graduate work in Psychology with emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.   I am an accomplished Clinical  Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, previously in private practice in the states of NV and  MA.

I  have expanded my ability to help people, businesses and organizations to improve what you want to improve. become self-empowered and thrive.  I continue to help people as a professional consultant/coach.

Why are you maintaining problems in your life?  Problems = Pain. Think about how problems impact every area of your life.  What is it $$$ costing $$$ you to maintain your pain?  Wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind?

Here’s what you can expect to achieve;

►        Strengthen relationships,

►        Improve interpersonal communications,

►        Help you or your business achieve goals and objectives,

►        Help you or your business create an action plan,

►        And, so much more.  The possibilities are endless,

I want you to be in charge of you and what you need.  There are no packages to buy, no time-commitment contracts to sign and no hidden fees.  This is straight- forward pay- as- you go.    Your time and money is valuable and I respect your ability to choose what you want to work on and how often you want to schedule.  I promise you will see change in 1 session.  Don’t just pick anyone for consulting/coaching services.  Choose a dedicated professional.

I value teamwork, volunteering and  giving back to the community.  I will donate 10% of each consulting/coaching service to a local charity that supports marginalized  and under-served women, children, Veterans or animals.
Have questions?  Contact me for more information regarding professional coaching/consulting services.
Call: 720-232-1482

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