Memorial Day 2014

 For some people, Memorial Day is just a three-day weekend that represents the kick-off of summer, beaches, beer and bar-b-que..  For other people, it will be a weekend to remember veterans who have served from previous wars and current veterans that are still serving.  My late father served in WW2, stationed at Pearl Harbor.  I think he would be very sad to see that we still have on-going wars.  I think he would be saddened by the recent news that 40 vets died while waiting to be seen by a doctor at VA clinics.  But, he would also say that the VA system has always been broken.  He would agree that war doesn’t solve problems/differences rather it creates more of them.  He would also want us to find better ways to solve our differences/problems.  After all, we are an intelligent people-not a machine.

Long before tension escalates to war, we have leaders disagreeing and misunderstanding one another, acting upon their own biases/prejudices (thoughts and belief systems) and spreading fear through words and actions.  How about we learn better ways to listen and understand each other and squelch our fear and ignorance of one another?  Every person wants to live a peaceful life with peace of mind. 

We always can change how we think feel and act towards one another.  Leading by example means acting in alignment of what we want to achieve.  If we want children to grow up to become respectful adults, to not bully, belittle nor hate each other, we have to lead/teach them by our actions.

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I have 25+ years experience in service to people, businesses, organizations and animals overcome problems, crisis, challenges and thrive.
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