Learn and teach how to care and be fully human.

Learn and teach how to be human, for we have forgotten and/or have been blinded by our own ignorance and prejudice.

Two days ago, I learned of a soldier who went on a shooting rampage at a military base, and we ask why did this happen again?  Yesterday, I read a report of a school bus driver bullying one of her elementary school riders; and then had the entire bus riders join in in the making fun of this girl for crying. And once again, we ask why did this happen?  No amount of security bars and armed guards will protect us from ourselves thinking less of another person and then treating them less than how we expect to be treated.  It is time to stop asking why.  It is time to take action, learn and teach one another care and compassion.  Lead by positive example

About Kari Arvisais

I have 25+ years experience in service to people, businesses, organizations and animals overcome problems, crisis, challenges and thrive.
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