What do you do when a relationship system fails?

The U. S. Government shutdown happened because people could not agree and continue to have a failure to listen; and the price all of us will pay is yet to be calculated.   What do you do when a relationship system fails?

I bet most people have never considered our Government as a relationship system, but it certainly is. When we reduce Government to it’s common denominators, we have people in relationship to one another and to the people they serve. This breakdown in relationship functioning is no different than a breakdown in communication/relationship within an organizational system, a community system, a family system, a relationship system. A system is a system is a system.  What do you do when a relationship system fails, and prevent the breakdowns in relationships?

About Kari Arvisais

I have 25+ years experience in service to people, businesses, organizations and animals overcome problems, crisis, challenges and thrive.
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