Hope when you feel powerlessness.

It always breaks my heart to witness people suffering.  I live in Colorado, where the state is faced with it’s worst wildfire on record. People, animals and communities are turned upside down at a moment’s notice.  And the routine life that once was is gone in a blink.

All that I can do is pray for the safety and well-being of everyone involved and hope for a better tomorrow.

In the moment of awareness that I am powerless over the situation at hand, that there is nothing I can physically act upon to change the situation or outcome, there is silent pain in my heart.

We all come to crossroads in our lives where we are faced with powerlessness and acceptance.  In letting go of our own struggle to control the situation, we choose acceptance that hope, faith, peace of mind and serenity will continue to grow.  There is always hope when you feel powerlessness.

About Kari Arvisais

I have 25+ years experience in service to people, businesses, organizations and animals overcome problems, crisis, challenges and thrive.
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