Another school shooting tragedy.

Another school shooting tragedy.

I believe that unless and until all of us work together to eradicate the big social challenges facing society; we are doomed to repeat the same crises over and over.

How many of us would risk failure in the face of a very difficult challenge?

Can we afford to continue allowing children to be killed at school and/or in our communities?    We are all responsible for all children, to ensure that all children have a safe nurturing environment to learn, master skills, become caring and compassionate kids who become adults and contributing members in society.  We have to work together on this greatest challenge.  There is no quick fix, nor app for this.  We, as a whole society have been failing our children.  It is each and every one of us responsibility to prevent another school shooting tragedy.

People often get bogged down in their disagreements and the politics that go with gun control, violence in schools, violence anywhere. It seems it is never “the right time” to talk about changing our policies, let alone, changing what we values and doing what it takes to align our actions with what we value. The hard questions are never a quick answer, yet the most important to always consider and wrestle with.

I do not have kids of my own, however, I serve kids with special needs and there are several elementary schools in the neighborhood I live in. Last night, I was buying a Christmas gift for a little eight year old boy, who has autism. Tomorrow, is our last equine therapeutic riding class for the year. His safety, well being, ability to learn and master new skills, develop care and compassion for the horse he rides, is my responsibility.
I get the privilege of giving him this Christmas gift tomorrow and sharing with his parents what wonderful strides he has made in 14 weeks. I get to wish him and his family Happy Holidays and look forward to seeing him again in class next year.

You see, all kids are ALL of our responsibility to ensure their safety and well-being, to help them grow up to caring, compassionate, responsible adults.
I am just heart broken over today’s school shooting because some parents are not going to have their kids tonight. Families have been devastated, a community and nation has been shattered.
We have to put clearly into perspective what our priorities are. If we want to nurture the kids of tomorrow, we have to act in their best interest today


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