What are sentinels? “Canaries in the coal mine”

What are sentinels?

The short answer, you have heard the saying; “Canaries in the coal mine”.  From the 1800’s and 1900’s, coal miners in England and the US brought canaries into coal mines as an “early warning signal” for carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases. The birds, being more sensitive, would become sick before the miners, who would then have a chance to escape or put on protective respirators.

Do you think that certain groups of humans can be like a sentinel, and serve as an early warning sign?  Here’s a point of interest taken from today’s headline:

‘These kids don’t expect to live a full life’~ Chicago funeral home director:


What does this have to do with Integrated Leadership and Change Management?

I think children (persons 18 years and younger) are indeed sentinels- “Canaries in the coal mine”.

They are warning us that our actions are out of alignment with our life’s mission and what we want to achieve.  We want to have a life full of happiness, meaningful relationship and peace of mind.  We want our children to all grow up and have those same experiences and thrive.

Can we not see that when children lose hope for their future, each of us pays the price.  What will it take for adults to wake up and take action to cultivate positive change in the world today?  How much more time must pass before we see that our current affairs cultivates greed at all costs and self entitlement?

Song/video by Ed Sheeron.

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