Rat-Race Buster. Stress relief.

Stress relief;  A drug-free and cost free way to reduce stress.

You probably have noticed the neck-breaking pace we are leading our lives.  I noticed how stores have the next 3 holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) displayed in their stores.  The IPod 5 is being announced today.  The news barrages us with constant “Need-to-know” tips and tricks to stay ahead.  There is constant sad news about unemployed, underemployed, burn-out, fatigue, disasters, diseases, economic crisis, and the list goes on.   We are scurrying around like lab rats on a wheel, staying busy, but getting nowhere, and waiting to get some TIME to do the important things we keep putting off.  Time to slow down.  Create a stress relief habit that works best for you.  Your health and peace of mind depend upon it.

Time is valuable.  We make time for the people and things we value.

You are valuable

If you don’t value your time, who will?

If you don’t value YOU, who will?

Set YOU as #1 priority to unwind, debrief, decompress.  This means you have to be in charge of scheduling this time for you, setting limits and boundaries and making this a daily habit.  Your health and peace of mind depend on you to be in charge of YOU.

About Kari Arvisais

I have 25+ years experience in service to people, businesses, organizations and animals overcome problems, crisis, challenges and thrive.
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4 Responses to Rat-Race Buster. Stress relief.

  1. Helen Maupin says:

    Here is an interesting stress metric that shows up in my individual and organizational coaching — most of my clients are on some form of anti-depressant medication prescribed to them to alleviate anxiety and stress. The World Health Organization predicts that stress manifesting in the form of depression will be the #2 mental health disorder by 2015.

    I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to say ‘yes’ to ourselves before I body says ‘no.’ Each and every day I meditate, write or do yoga to relieve stress, calm my mind and body, and inspire my creative expression.

    • Kari Arvisais says:

      Thank you for taking your time to read and comment on this post. I do appreciate it. Having worked as a mental health professional in a variety of institutions, psychiatric hospitals, community organizations and private practice, I am sad to see that stress is the #1 health problem in the United States. The prediction does not have to come true. People have the choice to prevent and manage stress in their lives. Some stress is GOOD. I like deadlines. It challenges me to put my best foot forward. We are not helpless lab rats spinning a wheel, helplessly at the mercy of a lab researcher. So, why do we act like we are powerless over ourselves ?

  2. Mary says:

    This has become a daily conscious habit of mine. I used to put ‘me’ off until ‘later’. Ultimately, it cost me a lot of health issues. I have had to consciously put ‘me’ on the front burner in order to be of benefit to anyone or anything else in my life. It does work! If you do not value your health or yourself, noone else and nothing else will. YOU are your most important asset…embrace YOU and all that you are. Celebrate YOU and all that you have to offer!

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