Day 14: When you miss your target.

Begin again. . .

I missed my targeted goal yesterday.  One of my goals was to walk 10,000 steps each day for 30 days.  Other than walking around the house, I really didn’t walk anywhere.  I didn’t even put the pedometer on.  I had every intention of walking the 10,000 steps, however, a sinus infection  and slight fever ruled the day.   I did feel disappointed at myself and then I reminded myself that when I am deterred, derailed, prevented from achieving a goal, I don’t give up.  I turn within myself and learn the lessons to be learned.  My immune system was telling me, it is time to slow down, rest and take care of myself.  I have had asthma, it does not have me.  I have to pay attention to early signs of respiratory problems, or else, I can end up in the emergency room.  Who can afford to end up in the emergency room?  Not I.  When I am able to, I will pick up the pieces and move forward.

I mention this because I know there are readers out there in virtual space who have missed their target goal either in this challenge or another aspect of their life; following through on a resolution, a goal, a dream.    Rather than scrapping the whole 30-day challenge and beating myself up about missing my target goal, today, I begin again


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2 Responses to Day 14: When you miss your target.

  1. Mary says:

    Kari, absolutely love the ‘Return to Innocense’. This 30 day Challenge seems to have become an uphill battle for me which, also seems to be the story of my life! Since I do suffer from an autoimmune disease where I must be diligent in listening to my body and heeding the warning signs, it does not sway me from my ultimate goal. When life rolls those lemons in my path, I simply make Lemonade, sip, enjoy, and move on. I have learned to create my own calm during a storm instead of waiting for it to pass.

    • Kari Arvisais says:

      Thanks for commenting and taking the 30-Day Challenge. . “Being diligent and listening to our bodies” is key to staying healthy. I have had asthma for 5 years and despite the fact that I think I am invincible, I do have to pay attention to signs and symptoms, otherwise, I can end up in the emergency room.
      I, too, believe that saying about when the world hands us lemons and turning lemons into lemonade.
      I wish you and all the readers of Peace of Mind Space peace, love and wellness.

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